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30 August 2010 @ 11:04 pm
How to Make Uncomfotable Shoes More comfortable?  
One day, I am wearing this pretty lil thing down town and totally love & hate this pretty lil thing.
This pretty lil thing is my 9-inch high pointed heel.  This is a love & hate relation because this heel is sooo pretty that I AM CRAZILY in love with but hate it so much for its causing me so much pain on my feet!
I believed many female fasionista out there must had faced the same common problem like me!  So that got me looking for solutions to relieve these pains because I cant bear to part with this pretty lil things, in fact many pretty lil things ( uncountable number of heels) back home is causing the same pain !!!

So here are some tips that I would love to share with all lovely ladies out there in preventing blisters and prehaps lessen the pain caused by all these killer heel !

Of cause the simplest solution to blisters is to stick on a plaster! But sometimes this can be quite unsightly and unglam! Imagine wearing a pretty shoes with your pretty feet sticking on so many plasters plastering around the back of your heel, definitely its not going to look good! And sometimes its the front of the shoes that's causing the discomfort whereby plasters cant do any help to it! 

So saviour of my pretty feet is a Shoes Expander. I've got this amazing expander ( and now yes I am selling them on my online store to help all those who have been looking for it for a long time). Please dont get me wrong, I am not doing an advertisment on my shop now but rather just sharing how amazing is this expander.

Well, of cause you can always go back to the retail store and asked the sales assistant to help you to expand the shoes for you but its rather troublesome because you have to leave the shoes to expand for at least a day and collect it again. And sometimes the retail store is so far away from your home & you have to make time to make a trip down ... ahh...you know how troublesome it is huh! So nothing beats having this wonderful expander at home whereby you can expand as and when needed. Furthermore, an online addicts like me just love shopping online including shoes! So where can I expand my shoes if I bought my shoes online right? Retailer arent gona be so friendly to expand your shoes if that shoes wasnt from their store!!

Actually this expander is applicable to use on both men and women shoes~  (not just heels)!
How it works is that it is able to extend some width and length to your shoes! But of cause, dont be so ambitious such that you want to expand a shoe 2 size up or more.  All you have to do is to put the expander in your shoes and turn the device. Common sense... if you want to expand more .. turn more~ simple as it is!
And it works!!! Tight shoes jus become loose after a day or more of putting the expander in. But different shoes differ as not all shoes are made of the same material, some takes a longer time to expand while some takes a longer time to expand!

Here's a picture of how a shoe expander looks like.

Second Tips that I want to share with everyone is to wax your shoes before you wear them! This is to prevent having blister. I do not mean you polished your shoes but use a candle to wax it! What I meant by wax is to use a candle (prefably white) because the wax will come off and you do not want your shoes to be stuck with all different weird color of candles ! so white candle is the safest because the wax is rather un-noticeable!
So get a white candle ( you can get them anywhere - eg. daiso), just continuously rub the candle against the targeted areas of your shoes so that a layer of wax will remain on that part of the shoes. This will prevent friction between your skin and the shoes which cause blister!

Next tips that I would like to share is the anti blister foot glide. This is a picture of how the foot glide looks like.

You can get them at any watson outlet. All you have to do is to apply a coat of foot glide on your feet before putting on your shoes. This will help prevents the friction too which cause blister :)

Having all the 3 useful tips = 3 layers of protection!!! I do hope my tips would save some of us or most of us from the pain we suffered!

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